Malay Wedding Invitation Cards – Announcing The Wedding

Malay Wedding Invitation Cards


 Announcing The Wedding

 Announcing the happy news of the marriage and the details of the wedding ceremony should be done in a proper manner so that people will take note and save the special date in their calendar.

To achieve this, the guest list should be finalised and the wedding invitation cards should then be ordered in a quantity according to the number of guests on the list. The timing for sending out the invitation cards is also important – if you send them too early, people may forget about your wedding as time passes by, but if you send the invitation too late, people may already have plans and would be unable to attend.


Invitation To Weddings

So the rule of thumb is that the invitation cards should be mailed out around one month to two weeks before the wedding is to be held. In terms of design and theme, there are many different choices made available by vendors, and some vendors also allow custom designs to be made.

It’s also really important to get the details of the wedding correctly stated on the card – this would include the date, venue, time, the programme for the day and the map to the location of the wedding.

With social media widely used to communicate nowadays, it is also not surprising that many couples will choose to make use of social media to announce their special day.

 It’s also a good idea to provide a method for invited guests to RSVP their attendance, usually either through social media, phone call or e-mail. This may be the case when the seats in a particular restaurant or venue are limited.

Wedding Card Designs

 Although nowadays there are many different social media outlets (eg: instagram, facebook, tweeter, etc) you can use to send wedding invitations to your friends and family, nothing beats a real, solid invitation card to show that extra effort in inviting your guests. We will update our wedding gallery with wedding invitation card designs.

Nowadays, invitation cards come in many different shapes and sizes, each portrays the creativity of the host. So if you’re looking into creating an impression even before the wedding reception, you can do so with invitation cards.

 Your guests will make a mental note for themselves that THIS is NOT a wedding to be missed!.

Wedding Invitation Templates

 If a simple invite is more your style and you want to keep paper costs low you can go the DIY printable template. There are tons of ideas in the internet that can help you to create your very own wedding invitation template and custom invite that looks just like how you want them to be. There are elegant designs that you can effortlessly personalise to suit any theme that you have in mind.

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